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Think Like an Artist Don't Act Like One

For millennia, artists have been trying to answer questions about success, love, work, friendship, life and death. Impossible questions to which endless answers have been found. 'Think Like an Artist, Don't Act Like One' does not want to show intellectual muscles, but simply draws 75 funny, serious and - occasionally - uplifting life lessons from art history.


'There is no leaflet and no guarantee for art. Koos shows why'

- Taco Dibbits, director Rijksmuseum

This book is about Leonardo da Vinci who teaches curiosity, Rembrandt about honesty. About Vermeer helping us appreciate the everyday, Monet the now. About Picasso who teaches us to lie the truth and Nauman who wonders what that truth actually is. A humble offering for anyone who wants to learn to live with art, from 10 to 110 years old.

Written by Koos de Wilt with editing by Winnie Moltmaker.

The book was publihed in 2017 at BIS Publishers.

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For everyone who dares to think in proposals not in opinions’ - Daan Roosegaarde, kunstenaar & innovator


'The ideal book for those who want to learn to live with art!' - Erik Kessels, reclamemaker/kunstenaar


'How should you live? Learn from the tips & tricks of the world's best artists' - Peter van Duinen, directeur Vrije Academie


'De Wilt has very clearly succeeded in writing a page turner' - Jop Ubbens, kunstadviseur

'Fantastic book that stimulates interest in art'

 - Jorg Grimm, kunsthandelaar


'Think Like an Artist, Don’t Act Like One is a lively introduction to art history as it resonates in your own daily life.' - Slanted

Dit boek is een samenwerking tussen Koos de Wilt en de makers van het boek Think Like An Lawyer, Don't Act Like One, Peter Heykamp en Aernoud Bourdrez. Harry Starren schreef het boek Think Like a Manager, Don't Act Like One en Jeroen van Erp Think Like a Designer, Don't Act Like One.

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Het book is for sale all around the world

• Australia • Brazil • China • Czech Republic • Denmark • Egypt • Ireland • Estonia • Finland • France • Germany  • Hong Kong • Iceland • Hungary • Indonesia • Israel • Italy • Lithuania • Mexico • Norway • Austria • Poland • Portugal  • Singapore • Spain • Sweden • Taiwan • Thailand • Turkey • United Kingdom • United Arab Emirates • Vietnam


Boekwinkel ABC Spui, Amsterdam

Boekwinkel Rijksmuseum


Boekwinkel in Shoreditch in Londen

Boekwinkel Stedelijk Amsterdam

Atheneum Amsterdam


Boekwinkel Metropolitan New York

Harvard boekwinkel, Massachusetts

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